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Money maker

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First step

Step one is to get out of debt and depending how much you are in this might take you a bit of time but it will work so just try it. First thing is to always pay your bills right off the bat. Never become late it will cost you money and if you want to get out of debt fast that won't work. Take 5-10% of what you make and make another payment towards The thing that is costing you the most amount of money. Also get a side job even though it is childish maybe paper routes are good ways to make extra money. Take all the money you make from that to make even more payments. If you really want to get out of debt I recommend a second job this will help a lot. Or if you don't feeling like doing either start a lawn mowing service 10-20$ per lawn get five to ten lawns and you will be good to go. If you use this knowledge getting out of debt should not be a problem.


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