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Money maker

Monday, May 29, 2006

Surf the interenet for traffic!

Alright they're are sites out there you can surf for traffic and they give you traffic back. This doesn't make you money but with the amount of costumers your getting your google ads and the others I said in big money should be raking in more money than usual. If your website content is good then the people will most likely come back and if not oh well you still got a dollar in return. Other thing I recomend is buying some costumers here It's a good deal you get one thousand costumers for 8 dollars. Other websites I have found are I found them all by google and they work ok i get about 80 extra people a day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dog walking

Walk a dog for money like me im just a kid and ton's of people of dogs watch them for weekends or just play and walk with for money if you aren't a dog person though don't do it

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Music teacher

If you play a popular instrument teach kids or people you know for like 5-15 bucks. This is an easier way then the rest I have thought of and easy to use.


I haven't been posting iformation latley but if you are a stay at home mom (or dad even anyone over 18) and need a little help finicial I recomend two things doing surveys for money online (this may cost a little money to start but google it and see what you find) or becoming a nanny if possible but charge 10-15 dollars. These are the latest idea's i have come up with and having a little money making block but if you have any idea's email me at and if you have any content or tips for my site. Plzzzzzzz! spread the word about this site plz and if you want to link to me email mail me plz and ill link to your site.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Big money

Put ads on your website or blog and use google adsense or advertise. Also another program I have heard of is chikita mini malls. Maximize your revenues with these programs but changing colors (make them stand out). Also you common sense with the programs abide by the rules and don't expect to make ton's of money off these put they will help pay for small thing or off debt depend on the size of the amount of money you make may change. Don't click on your own ads and you will do fine. Also this won't work out for you if your under 18 for you to make an account you need to be 18 years old at least that why I can't use them.

3rd step

Maybe learn XML or html and some Java script. Then you can design websites for small business or large if you get the chance. Depending on the size of the business charge differently and don't charge a small business to high a bigger business charge 100-5000$. Depending on quality to don't put to much time in a small business one make the smaller business neat good looking maybe some Java script. For bigger company's set a price before and depending make it as good as you want. To keep earning money offer the company a 20% discount if you can put ads and sell space on the site.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This site will help you become rich off of what you earn and if you like this site and think it's helpful please spread the word or put a link on your site.

step 2

Step two is to put some money each money five to ten percent of what you earn with out taxes in to a saving acount. Always pay your self first and take baby steps towards you goal don't wiat.
If you do have debt take the money out of your savings account and pay it off making 1-2 percent interest on something that is costing 20 percent interest per week. The math is simple also always deep

First step

Step one is to get out of debt and depending how much you are in this might take you a bit of time but it will work so just try it. First thing is to always pay your bills right off the bat. Never become late it will cost you money and if you want to get out of debt fast that won't work. Take 5-10% of what you make and make another payment towards The thing that is costing you the most amount of money. Also get a side job even though it is childish maybe paper routes are good ways to make extra money. Take all the money you make from that to make even more payments. If you really want to get out of debt I recommend a second job this will help a lot. Or if you don't feeling like doing either start a lawn mowing service 10-20$ per lawn get five to ten lawns and you will be good to go. If you use this knowledge getting out of debt should not be a problem.

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